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Volume Gloss Mascara


Volume Gloss Mascara - Photo
This mascara contains beauty essence and keeps your eyelashes healthy.
It can create beautifully separated lashes that match to volume eyelashes, “3D layer”.
You can easily remove it by washing with warm water.
Also, it has a subtle scent of rose which makes you feel more feminine.

Essence Gloss Coating


Essence Gloss Coating - Photo
This is a coating sealant for eyelash extensions which contains more than 10 kinds of skin benefit agents.
It provides your eyelashes beautiful gloss and firmness and retains the curly forms of eyelashes longer.
If you use it with Volume Gloss Mascara, you can add more volume to your lashes and enhance the beautifying effect.

EYE D’OR Eyelash Serum


EYE D’OR Eyelash Serum - Photo
This is the ultimate serum which promotes your eyelash restoration and grow your eyelashes thicker, longer, and more beautiful.
It contains keratin derivatives and panthenol.
Keratin derivatives, it repairs and protects your eyelashes.
Panthenol grows your eyelashes stronger and gives them a deep gloss and a moist feeling.

Moisture Cleansing Gel


Moisture Cleansing Gel - Photo
This is the prime cleansing gel which induces an essential beauty from the inside of your skin.
This cleansing gel smoothly touches your skin, perfectly cleans your makeup, and provides a moist feeling.
Also, it has the excellent anti-oxidative effect which gives the anti-aging result to your skin.



RICHMOISTURE Eyesheet - Photo
This eye sheet prevents your skin from drying and protects it from damages.
This jiggly eye sheet gently covers your eyes, moisturizes, and makes your skin softer.
It has much moisture in it, so you can use it for a long time.

NANO protection cream for eyes


NANO protection cream for eyes - Photo
This innovative eye cream contains a component, nanoiomis which protects your skin from a damage which is caused by adhesives.
This eye cream can promote skin’s resistance to external stressors like adhesive or eye-tape.
Also, it contains skin benefit agents which provides your skin moisture, firmness, and an anti-aging effect.

MISS Screw Brush


MISS Screw Brush - Photo
This spiral brush is used to style eyelashes and eyebrows and correct their shape.
This brush is selected by many eyelash extension experts.
You can comb every single lash with this brush and make beautiful forms of eyelashes and eyebrows.



EYELASH Comb - Photo
This comb can style eyebrows beautifully.
Because the gaps between the teeth of the comb are not too small, it doesn’t hurt your natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions.
It prevents eyelashes from sticking to each other.
This comb can be used as a tool to perform a maintenance for eyelashes.