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japan quality

japan quality

Providing our customers with the first class experience is our motto, our hospitality style can’t be found anywhere else, it is Japanese customer-first policy known as a word of “Omotenashi”, our stylist has the highest level of application and lash design skills, you’ll get individually customized bolder and long-lasting lashes, we promise you’ll have better experience at our signature salon located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive where are home to the epicenter of luxury, fashion and lifestyle in Los Angeles.


high level technique

Thorough counseling by our stylist is your first step to get a longer, fuller and darker eyelash extensions. We know importance of the golden proportion in facial element, It defines harmony of your face parts, eyelashes are not an exceptional factor. We meet with every single first time customer before application to assess natural eyelash condition, we help you’ll decide the most refined eyelash design and to choose suitable lashes for your face, skin tone.

improve the service

We as the leading eyelash extensions salon promise that you’ll experience the greatest satisfaction and happiness with the quality of our service, and we strive for better.

japanese lashes

platinum sable®

PLATINUM SABLE® is the ideal false lash material, developed by our R&D team after detailed analysis and many tests. PLATINUM SABLE® Lash has the softest touch, better resilience, semi-permanent curl-shape and well-featured curl length. PLATINUM SABLE® is our masterpiece product with elegant and lustrous texture by minimum coatings, having excellent compatibility with adhesives. PLATINUM SABLE® is flexible as feathers, and looks natural and beautiful, when it is applied on your own lashes, they are not distinguishable by their appearance. That is what professional lash stylists seek to design elegant and charming eyes. PLATINUM SABLE® is far softer than existing silk or mink lashes, provides refined glossy look and classy lustrous textures. Its elastic curls are ever-lasting.


5 Reasons to be chosen

  1. 1
    PLATINUM SABLE® is softer, lighter-weight as feathers, extremely comfortable, doesn’t put a strain on your eyes.
  2. 2
    Identical darkness and texture with natural eyelashes, refined glossy look.
  3. 3
    Semi-permanent curl shape and its elastic curls are ever-lasting.
  4. 4
    PLATINUM SABLE® is solvent-proof.
  5. 5
    PLATINUM SABLE® is heat resistance material, no deterioration in the quality even if heated eyelash curler is used.

subtle craftsmanship

It's made with handwork
one by one

We have high quality standards for making eyelashes.
Every single lash is hand-made by the skillful artisans through many production processes.

  • rolling
  • cutting
  • setting

eyelash academy

eyelash artists course

30h / 6days / Fee : $3000

(You have extra 10hours for retaking the course)Total: 40h

master eyelash application of upper and lower eyelashes

<For the person who wants to be a professional eyelash artist>
In this course, you can learn about the basics of the eyelash extensions.
Through this course, you will get knowledge and skills to be a professional eyelash artist.

<To the Future Salon owner and Current Salon owner>
This course is not only about getting skills, but also learning how to manage the salon, gather customers, educate your staffs, and business management.

  1. 1Study basic knowledge and how to apply upper eyelashes (5h)

    Academic Study (120min)

    Practical Skill Training(180min)

  2. 2Expert knowledge, application and removal (5h)

    Academic Study (120min)

    Practical Skill Training(180min)

  3. 3Choose the Design which matches Facial skeletal shapes and Learn about Application for lower eyelashes (5h)

    Academic Study (120min)

    Practical Skill Training(180min)

  4. 4The Relation between Adhesive and Allergy,
    and Repairing of upper eyelashes (5h)

    Academic Study (120min)

    Practical Skill Training(180min)

  5. 5Deal with Claims and Troubles and
    Learn Quick Application for upper and lower eyelashes (5h)

    Academic Study (120min)

    Practical Skill Training(180min)

  6. 6The Trendy eyelash designs and
    Perfect Application for upper and lower eyelashes (5h)

    Academic Study (120min)

    Practical Skill Training(180min)

volume lash 3dLayer pro course

10h / 2days / Fee : $1000

add much more volume to your eyelashes
with the latest technology

Volume lash technique has been a big hit in US, Europe, and Asia. This technique attracts attention of pioneers and experienced eyelash artists in eyelash extension industry.
In this sensation, Miss eye d’or created many new techniques with Japanese high level techniques.
In particular, we have announced the new technique, “3D layer” which is one of the volume lash techniques for making perfect eyelashes.

  • Classic 0.15mm☓1D 160pieces
  • 3D Layer 0.05mm☓6D 960pieces
  1. 1Apply eyelashes to a mannequin (5h)

    Academic Study (120min)

    • Explanation about the products
    • Theory for applying eyelashes
    • Designs of eyelash extensions
    • After care

    Practical Skill Training(180min)

    • Make and prepare fans for eyelash extensions in advance
    • Apply prepared fans on eyelashes
    • Make fans and apply them on eyelashes immediately
    • Final Touch
  2. 2Apply eyelashes to a model (5h)

    Academic Study (60min)

    • Theory for applying eyelashes
    • Removing eyelashes
    • Repairing eyelashes
    • After care

    Practical Skill Training(240min)

    • Apply the upper eyelashes
    • Reapply eyelashes
    • Repair eyelashes
    • Immediate application for upper eyelashes and final touch